October is just around the corner. When October hits, we head right into the thought process of “the holidays. Many individuals fear the months of October through December as they see the stress that will inevitably happen. But lets break “the holidays” down. We have Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course depending on what you personally celebrate for your beliefs, we have some big holidays in December. That is only a handful of days out of those months, and Halloween is not util the last day of the month in October! Relax, breath and take a moment.

Accept the fact that some of Americas biggest holidays are in the last part of the year and that you can enjoy them and still stay fit though it all. Okay, but how? Very simple, just stick with your routine and give a little wiggle room for the planning, the parties and the family get together’s. The best way to create that wiggle room is to start your fitness regimen before October. Just getting started and getting into a routine and create a healthy habit will inevitably become part of your daily schedule.  When “the holidays” hit, you’ll be set to keep going with your fitness lifestyle and the excess stuff won’t matter as much. And the best part is? You’ll have more energy to conquer those 3 months that you dread so much!

So get out there, get your exercise on, start on a proper nutrition plan that will continue on long past the candy, the turkey, the ham and maybe even the excess wine;). Your journey starts with you, so keep at it and use those “holidays” as a reward for all of your hard work.

Thanks for reading,

-Adam Morris